After appearing on the US version of hit talent show 'The Voice,' UK boy-band The Wanted have declared that Christina Aguilera, the US show's judge, completely ignored them back stage at the show with band-mate Tom Parker saying she is "a total b*tch."
In an interview on Now FM, The Wanted have admitted their disappointment after the singer completely ignored them after the show, an act they've claimed as being "quite rude" as well as worthy of being labelled a "b*tch." It is unknown what the boys exactly expected to receive from the noted diva in the first place, but they were clearly disappointed by her snub backstage at the popular show.
In an attempt to make the singer seem more human and tone down the group's remarks, band member Nathan Sykes added she might have been "in a bad mood that day," adding that she may very well have given Justin Bieber the same treatment as well. However, it appears that the boys have soon got over the snub, with member Max George stating that the 'Genie In A Bottle' singer is "nothing special and that he prefers Latina diva Jennifer Lopez instead.