Christina Aguilera has paid the ultimate compliment to American Idol winner KELLY CLARKSON - she loved the Texan's version of a hit song she co-wrote.

Aguilera chose not to record Miss Independent for her STRIPPED album, and Clarkson chose to make it her first single.

Aguilera admits she was annoyed when she first heard the song, because she wasn't asked permission for Clarkson to record it, but she went out of her way to meet up with the American Idol star at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (08FEB04) - so she could tell her how much she liked her version of her song.

She says, "She was a lovely girl."

Unfortunately, Clarkson left the post-show's party before Aguilera had a chance to give her an unprompted ego-boost, so she made her feelings known when she appeared on MTV show TRL in America yesterday (11FEB04).

Aguilera said, "If you're watching Kelly, you're a sweetheart and if the song was to go to anyone I'm glad that it went to you because you gave it justice."

12/02/2004 09:05