Christian Slater is to star in crime thriller 'Guns, Girls and Gambling'.

The 40-year-old 'Lies and Illusions' actor - who won an MTV Movie Award in 1993 for his role in 'Untamed Heart'- will be joined by 'The Book of Eli' star Gary Oldman and Dane Cook in the new Michael Winnick-directed movie.

During the movie, a host of Elvis impersonators, modern cowboys, a corrupt sheriff, a 6ft tall blond assassin and a prostitute will all be seen racing to find an American Indian artefact, which was stolen during a poker game in a casino.

Slater - who has previously struggled with drink and drug addiction - will play a guy who joins an Elvis impersonator contest when he is drunk, while Oldman will feature as the contest's mega-contender and Cook will play the part of the sheriff, according to Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision Blog.

Freefall Films will be producing and financing the indie flick, which is set to begin shooting on July 6.

Slater is also set to shoot 'The Girl With the Red Riding Hood' later this year.

The father-of-two recently advised young stars should be aware of the trappings of fame. He said: "Some of these guys don't realise that there are a lot of traps you can fall into. I'm very fortunate that I have good people around me now who encourage me to give something back rather than just be selfish like I used to."