Christian Louboutin was worried Tina Turner would break her neck wearing his shoes.

The designer created footwear for the singer to wear during a concert in Madison Square Garden in New York some years ago but was horrified when he realised her adventurous routine included climbing scaffolding in the skyscraper heels.

He told WWD: ''I remember doing shoes for Tina Turner and bringing them to Madison Square Garden for her show, and when the show opened all I could see was scaffolding on the stage, and I thought, Oh, my god, she's going to climb on the scaffolding and jump from the scaffolding. I was paralysed; I couldn't enjoy the show as I was so worried about her breaking her neck. I knew the height of the heel. You just don't want this to happen.''

While all of Christian's designs hold a special memory for him, he admitted he does have a favourite.

Asked which shoe he would save from a burning building, he said: ''I would go for more of an emotional one. I would go for the Love shoe, which was my first shoe and was really the birth of my company.''