Christian Louboutin won't give his family shoes as gifts.

Although the legendary footwear designer's creations are sought after by women all over the world, he says he would rarely give his loved ones his shoes because he thinks it's unimaginative.

He said: "It depends on who it is but I never, or barely, give shoes to my family during the holidays. They're always like, 'Oh my God, you really took no effort to do that,' so I'm like, fair enough, you won't get any shoes. So it's anything that I would personally get for my family, otherwise, they will think I called the office. So I make an effort to do something else."

And when it comes to his family buying him gifts, Christian has already come up with some suggestions.

He told website FabSugar: "I started running and biking so it would be something in accordance with those things. I also would want some good goggles because I like to swim and I always spend my Winter holidays in a place where I can swim."