Christian Louboutin is opening a men's store in New York.

The legendary footwear designer - who started his men's collection a few years ago - will open the shop in New York early next year and it will be his second men's store.

Alexis Mourot, chief operating officer, told WWD: "The men's shoes only represent a small portion of the business at present but we think it has huge potential for the future. We are very happy to have found a location in New York, especially one so close to our current downtown women's boutique. This store opening in New York is an important step for Christian and for the company."

Despite his creations being sought after all over the world, Christian recently revealed he won't give his family shoes as gifts because he thinks it's unimaginative.

He said: "It depends on who it is but I never, or barely, give shoes to my family during the holidays. They're always like, 'Oh my God, you really took no effort to do that,' so I'm like, fair enough, you won't get any shoes. So it's anything that I would personally get for my family, otherwise, they will think I called the office. So I make an effort to do something else."