Christian Louboutin has revealed he was once asked to make a pair of shoes entirely from rubies.

The prestigious shoe designer - who is loved by stars including Kate Moss and Madonna - said the most expensive footwear he's ever been asked to make was the extravagant pair for a customer.

He said: ''The most outrageous shoe that I had to do was a shoe where the person gave me stones - precious stones - and say that I could do anything with precious stones.

''We're talking rubies. And so, I did a sandal. And it was just like a sandal with rubies. And in the drawing, I did the sole paved in rubies, which was all solid block of rubies. And the person looked at the drawing and said, 'It's perfect. It's very, very beautiful'.

He added: ''I said, 'Well, I just drew, you know, the stone on the sole. But actually, we shouldn't have them on the sole, because then you can't walk'. And the person said, 'Well, it's not a shoe to walk, anyway'. So the whole shoe was a block of ruby. And it actually was really, really, beautiful.''

Christian - known for his trademark red soled shoes - also says his famous design once helped a lady to find love after a stranger caught sight of her designer footwear and they started dating before eventually getting married.

He told CNN International's 'Talk Asia' : ''She was saying that her husband-to-be was often laughing with her, because he's such a shy person, he would always say, 'But if you had not had those red soles, there was no way I could run after you, because I had no idea what to say'''.