Christian Louboutin says making a nail varnish felt like a ''legitimate'' move.

The French footwear designer has branched out into beauty by creating Nail Colour Rouge Louboutin, a bright red polish that matches the iconic shade of his heels' soles.

He revealed that joining forces with Batallure to create the stiletto-shaped bottle was a natural step because the idea for his shoe empire was born from painting the sole of one of his very first shoes with red varnish.

Christian explained to The Sunday Times Style magazine: ''I thought it would be a nice way to remember where I come from. Also, for pictures of the shoes, I'm always thinking about the colours on the nails - on the hands holding an ankle or a bag. So it makes sense to start there.''

The polish, priced at £36, is available online from July 23 and in Harrrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Christian Louboutin stores from August 14.

The fashion maven firmly believes that women should make time for their beauty routines every day.

Christian said: ''Nobody has time, but you have to make it for yourself. I am absolutely on the side of obliging people to take time, its respect for people - and for yourself.''

The designer also believes that looking good equates to sophistication, not shallowness.

He said: ''[Growing up, I was shocked to hear that, if a women looked elegant and polished and took care herself, people would say, 'She's a kept girl, a bimbo.' Why does a woman who likes to look sophisticated have to be stupid? I would never accept that type of statement.''