Even though they both played the famed caped crusader Batman, Christian Bale doesn't share many similarities with George Clooney, especially when it comes to their feelings towards being hounded by the paparazzi.

Christian Bale
Bale calls Clooney's complaints about the cons of fame "boring"

Bale, who is known for having a temper, recently admitted he finds Clooney's constant complaining about the negative aspects of fame "boring," and he hasn't got any issues with elaborating on this in an interview with in WSJ. Magazine.

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"It doesn't matter that he talks about it. It's like, 'Come on, guys, just shut up. Just get on with it and live your lives and stop whining about it,'" the 40-year-old actor told the mag. "I prefer not to whine about it."

"Some people poke you like you're an animal in a zoo, looking for a response," he added. "If you're smart, you don't give it to them. If you're dumb, occasionally, like me, you give it to them. And then they've basically got what they wanted. I usually regret it afterwards."

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Furthermore, it is not like Bale manages to avoid being pursued by the paparazzi, but he can stop himself from becoming agitated and realizes "you've got a choice" about how to conduct yourself in those situations.

George Clooney
Clooney is known to speak out about being agitated by the paparazzi

"I was in Italy with my wife [Sibi Blazic]. I would go to work; she would leave the hotel. There would be a man who stood outside...and say the most obscene things imaginable to my wife," Bale explained. "I know what he's after; he has a strategy there. Am I able to say I'm not gonna give him that satisfaction of angry Christian Bale coming after this man? But equally, he's killing my humanity and my dignity as a husband if I do not, and he knows this. So you've got a choice."

The 'Exodus' actor should know how to control his temper after being involved in an infamous incident on the set of 'Terminator Salvation' in 2009, when an audio recording of Bale verbally attacking the film's director of photography was leaked. He later apologized for the unnecessary rant, telling radio station KROQ that his behaviour was "inexcusable."