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Phillippe Lands Two-face Role?

RYAN PHILLIPPE is set to take over from TOMMY LEE JONES after reportedly landing the role of HARVEY DENT/TWO-FACE in the upcoming BATMAN BEGINS sequel. REESE WITHERSPOON's husband will join HEATH LEDGER, who has signed...

Hollywood Stars 'Scared' Of American Psycho Ellis

KEANU REEVES, TOM CRUISE and JOHNNY DEPP are too "scared" to take roles in AMERICAN PSYCHO author BRET EASTON ELLIS's latest novel adaptation. Ellis, whose notorious suave serial killer PATRICK BATEMAN was played with...

Bale Bullied At School

Hollywood actor CHRISTIAN BALE was bullied at school following his breakthrough success in STEVEN SPIELBERG's 1987 movie EMPIRE OF THE SUN. Bale, who this month (JUN05) becomes the latest actor to play the Caped...

Steinem Begs Batman Bale To Take Easier Roles

Feminist icon GLORIA STEINEM is begging her stepson CHRISTIAN BALE not to take on any more roles where he has to gain or lose large amounts of weight. Bale lost a third of his...

Caine Amazed By Bale's Weight-gain

SIR MICHAEL CAINE was initially wary when producers cast CHRISTIAN BALE as BATMAN in forthcoming film BATMAN BEGINS - because he thought the actor was too slim. The ZULU legend, 72, had read about...

A Baby Girl For Bale

Hollywood actor CHRISTIAN BALE and his wife, SIBI, have become first-time parents after welcoming their daughter in a Santa Monica, California, hospital on Sunday night (03APR05). The Welsh-born AMERICAN PSYCHO star and his...

Mcgregor's Never-ending Sex Scene With Bale

Scottish actor EWAN McGREGOR failed to stop acting out his homosexual sex scene with CHRISTIAN BALE in the 1998 movie VELVET GOLDMINE - because the director never shouted "cut". The MOULIN ROUGE! actor, 33,...

Hank Williams Helped Bale Lose Weight

Movie actor CHRISTIAN BALE encouraged himself to lose weight for his role as an emaciated factory worker in THE MACHINIST by pinning a picture of a malnourished HANK WILLIAMS to his script. The normally...

Bale Starves Himself With Liquids To Play Emaciated Machinist

Movie star CHRISTIAN BALE lost 27 kilograms (60 pounds) to play an insomniac in new movie THE MACHINIST in just eight weeks. The Welsh-born actor weighed in at just 55 kilograms (121 pounds) when...

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