The Pretenders will play two intimate UK club gigs next month.

The band will take to the stage at London's 1,500-capacity Electric Ballroom venue on October 19 and they will follow it up with a show at Barrowlands in Glasgow, Scotland - which holds 1,900 - on October 25 with frontwoman Chrissie Hynde insisting it's just "more fun" to play smaller shows.

She said in a statement: "Well, everyone prefers being in them [smaller venues]. I certainly would rather go to see a band in the club. So there's that, because I'm still an audience member.

"And also it's just more fun. It's a small stage. And you can see everyone and they're right in your face and it's a laugh, that's why you're there. If I see some crazy in the audience, I can really feed off of that. You can’t see it when you're too far away."

The shows come just months after the band's huge gig which include a set at Glastonbury Festival in June, a massive gig with Guns N’ Roses at London's Hyde Park and BBC Radio 2 In The Park in Leicester last weekend.

The gigs also mark the release of new album 'Relentless' which includes new single 'Losing My Sense Of Taste' which Chrissie wrote about the COVID-19 lockdowns.

She said: "That song was more a take on the whole lockdown experience. It is called ‘Losing My Sense Of Taste’ - which, as a matter of fact, I never lost during the COVID period. But it did kick off the idea for the song … losing my sense of taste, my sense of smell, and sometimes the whole culture just seems tired. Not now of course because there’s a new Pretenders album out."