Chrissie Hynde has become more "mellow" over the years.

The 71-year-old music star admits that there are pros and cons of ageing - but Chrissie believes she's become much more laid-back over recent years.

Speaking to the Observer newspaper, she explained: "I don’t mind getting older. I do mind getting uglier.

"Come on, there’s only one thing we know of that is definitely going to happen to us. That’s all the information we have in this life. You know, a lot of my friends didn’t get old.

"I’m not a worrier, by nature – and there are so many great things about getting older. For example, I don’t think there’s very many things that I know now that I didn’t know when I was 16 – but there’s a big difference between knowing something and realising it. Realising something takes 50 years.

"I’m more relaxed now, if you can believe it. This is the real mellow version of me. Ageing is like being a pothead again. Though that’s not to say there are not things that wind me up daily."

Chrissie has enjoyed a huge amount of success during the course of her music career.

But the chart-topping star - who is best known as the lead singer of the Pretenders - insists she doesn't actually enjoy being famous, explaining that fan attention makes her "squirm".

She shared: "If you want to call me a famous person, I definitely have failed at it. I like doing ordinary things like getting on the bus or the tube. I don’t like being approached. I don’t like being recognised. All of it makes me squirm."