Animal rights activist and PRETENDERS singer Chrissie Hynde kicked the windows out of a police car when she was arrested - but now admits she was being an "a**hole".

The DON'T GET ME WRONG singer was apprehended in Memphis, America, years ago for creating a disturbance - but managed to make the offence much worse.

She says, "I was arrested for creating a nuisance in a bar but what they really got me on in the end was kicking the windows out of a police car. They had me in ordinary handcuffs but I slid my hands out of them, rolled the windows down and said, 'Excuse me Constable, I believe these are yours!'. And that didn't go well but bear in mind I was drunk.

"So they put me in very very tight handcuffs behind my back and then put me in these leg shackles and then put me in the back of a police car and drove me to prison.

"They were real sweethearts actually. I mean, this was Memphis and I was being an a**hole."

20/05/2003 16:56