Rocker Chrissie Hynde is delighted her daughter is using her parents' fame to publicise her anti-fracking campaign.

Natalie Hynde, daughter of The Pretenders frontwoman and The Kinks star Ray Davies, was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay court costs over a high-profile protest last year (13).

She had glued her hands to those of her partner Simon Medhurst at the entrance of a proposed gas drilling site in Sussex, England to prevent contractors entering the area, and the Brass in Pocket hitmaker has told of her pride at her daughter's determination.

The rocker tells Mojo magazine, "Well, I'm delighted that she's getting through and people are becoming aware of it. I really reined in my celebrity when I had kids. So the fact that she's been able to come out and use it... She was on the fracking site and someone said, 'Man, if only we had a celebrity out here to help us.' And Natalie walked over and she goes, 'Actually, my parents are.' And they went, 'F**k! Go!' And they pushed her to go talk to the press.

"I was so happy that she didn't have to hide who her parents were to be herself in the world."