The Brass in Pocket rocker admits she often snaps at fans who approach her for a 'selfie', a photo or an autograph.

She says, "I'm sorry for that but when we got in bands we weren't trying to be famous; we were trying to be anti-establishment and not mix with society... We were never really in it for the money and the fame... You did it for fun.

"My generation... it wasn't a celebrity culture."

But the fans don't stop Hynde from getting out and about and experiencing public transport in cities around the world.

She adds, "I got on the bus (in Los Angeles) one day and for three days people are saying, 'Did you really get on the bus?' 'Yeah!'

"I don't really feature as a celebrity. I think if you take public transport people think, 'That wouldn't be her, 'cause why would she be here?', and then you just get through it and no one pays any attention to you."