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Chris T-T
This Gun Is Not A Gun EP
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Chris T-T This Gun Is Not A Gun EP

Having been sat around the peripheries of the London scene for a good few years now, gallant troubadour Chris T-T finally looks to have achieved some recognition outside of the capital. Whereas previously his quirky demeanour and songs about Eminem's sexuality didn't exactly help his reputation stretch beyond that of novelty status, T-T now seems to have discovered both steel and strychnine with equal measures.

'This Gun Is Not A Gun' is not a million miles away from fellow Xtra Mile cohort Frank Turner's current repertoire or even that of another former hardcore band frontman Dave House. Falling quite distinctly into the vociferous protest singer/songwriter vein that Billy Bragg made all his own two decades ago, the title track has both a potent message and radio-friendly quality about it that doesn't diminish or compromise itself at any point, and should herald a glittering re-start for its creator's career in the process.

Accompanying tracks 'The Day The Earth Stood Still pt 1' and 'In The Dressing Room' aren't half bad either, particularly the latter with its less-than ambiguous sideswipe at celebrity groupie culture and all that prevails it.

All in all, this EP is a marked improvement from Chris T-T's previous output, so much so in fact that a whole new audience - and potentially commercial success - beckons.

Dom Gourlay

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