Review of Capital Album by Chris T-T

Album review of Capital byChris T-T

Chris T-T Capital Album

Lets face it, the pseudonym Chris T-T is never going to do a recording artist any favours. Not only because it's an alias that instantly conjures up thoughts of a jewellery-clad teen rapper from Hackney, but...well, it's just a bit s**t isn't it?

Surprisingly, Chris T-T is not what you or I expected. Owing more to political pop rock than cringe-worthy British rap, Capital is a mixed bag - often jumping from one style to another (in both musical and vocal terms). Sadly, The simple backing tracks (and that is exactly what they are) offer very little in the way of character or originality. Vocally, it gets worse.Chris T.T's grating adolescent variables enough to make you consider turning your back on British music forever. Lyrically, Chris isn't afraid to shy away from political matters, but he also lacks imagination - his lyrics coming across as if a naïve thirteen-year-old boy wrote them.

They say "If you don't have anything new to say don't bother". A sentiment Extra Mile and Chris T.T should have perhaps considered before releasing this tedious, cheese-ridden nonsense.

Colin Burrill


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