Chris Rock and Julie Delpy both admit to having embarrassing parents.

The '2 Days in New York' co-stars play French photographer Marion, who now lives in New York with new Squeeze Mingus (Chris), in their new comedy movie, and when Marion's eccentric family comes to stay - including Julie's real-life father, actor Albert Delpy - chaos ensues.

Julie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''My parents used to embarrass me a lot when I was 14 because they were dancing a lot, and I just wanted them to be really serious people. But you grow out of that, it's nice to have fun parents when you get older.

''My dad embarrasses me sometimes still. Like he will say something and I'm like - no dad, please don't go there. Please don't say it!''

Chris - who counts Eddie Murphy as a close friend - added: ''He's much dirtier than me'', but the 42-year-old actress quipped: ''No, you're pretty much on a par!''

Julie and Chris are both in long-term relationships, so they have plenty of experience of meeting the in-laws.

Julie explained: ''You're meeting their guts, what they're made of. And down the line in the relationship as you grow with this person you're like - oh that's why... oh that's why I'm cleaning up, oh that's why he doesn't pick up his socks, little habits.... It explains so much about a person. It's kind of Dangerous.''

The 47-year-old actor said: ''Maybe you shouldn't Meet The Parents. Ever.''