Chris Rock thinks Cardi B is the ''funniest comedian in the world''.

The 55-year-old comedian, actor, and writer has said he first saw the 'Bodack Yellow' hitmaker on Instagram before she began to release music and though she was ''the funniest woman [he'd] ever seen'', and claimed he even tried to get her to do a stand-up comedy show.

He said: ''I'm a good talent scout. About five or four years ago before she had a record out I'd seen Cardi on Instagram I think ... I had my people reach out to her management and we had a meeting about her doing a comedy show. I thought she was the funniest woman I'd probably ever seen!''

Chris said he had no idea Cardi was a budding rapper at the time, and said that whilst he did his best to get her a gig with Comedy Central, the network ''didn't get it''.

He added: ''I didn't know she rapped at all! I was just like, 'How do we sit down and figure out a show?' But I couldn't get Comedy Central and people to jump on, they just didn't get it. She wasn't famous at the time so [they didn't want to take her on]. I tried to get Cardi a show and I couldn't get it done - that's the real scoop!''

And despite not getting Cardi her comedy show, the 'Saturday Night Live' alum would still consider the 'WAP' rapper to be a ''comedic genius''.

Speaking during an appearance on Naomi Campbell's 'No Filter' YouTube series, he explained: ''I thought she was hysterical. I still think Cardi B is the funniest comedian in the world. Cardi B is funny! I haven't been as funny as Cardi B in years. Cardi B is genius, she's a comedic genius!''