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28th January 2015

Quote: "To me it's just sad and it's disappointing and it's unfortunate that on the 25th anniversary, whether the band is working or not, that it's not about the songs and the good times people had at those concerts." Former The Black Crowes leader Chris Robinson fears the band's 2015 anniversary year will be marred by squabbles between himself and his former bandmate brother Rich following the group's recent split.

2nd February 2011

Fact: Black Crowes star Chris Robinson has kicked off the group's hiatus by forming a new band. The singer has created the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and the act will hit the road for a 33-date California tour.

1st September 2010

Quote: "Pearl Jam, the biggest band of our generation, is doing Target (store) commercials and no one says that's pathetic. Given that same opportunity would we be in that commercial? I don't think I could. My soul feels good about Black Crowes culture." Rocker Chris Robinson is proud of his band's anti-commercial stance.

11th December 2009

Quote: "He's a dreamer, he loves to dance and play air guitar." Kate Hudson's five-year-old son RYDER has inherited his famous family's genes. The boy's father is The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, while he calls Hudson's mum Goldie Hawn and her longtime partner Kurt Russell grandparents.

9th January 2009

Quote: "I was a beer bride. I don't have a picture of me without a beer in my hand. It was a great wedding... and an amazing divorce. So it all worked out fine." Kate Hudson on her seven-year union to rocker Chris Robinson.

8th January 2009

Fact: Rocker Chris Robinson has treated his son with ex-wife Kate Hudson to a pair of Siamese kittens for his fifth birthday. Young RYDER celebrated turning five on 7 January (09) and was presented with cats Nano and Ruthie by Robinson and his girlfriend Allison Bridges.

18th December 2008

Quote: "I hate the term 'hippie chic'. Let's face it, hippies are not chic. I should know, I married one." Actress Kate Hudson learned about the hypocrisy of high fashion before she split from her former husband, Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson.

19th September 2008

Quote: "I guess I've been in the dating game for like two-and-a-half years now. But I've only dated like three guys." Kate Hudson disputes reports she has become a serial dater since splitting from husband Chris Robinson.

22nd February 2008

Quote: "Actually, I was waiting to divorce from my famous actress wife to have something to say." The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson jokes that he's only now giving his first press interviews in seven years because of his divorce from KATE HUDSON.

30th May 2006

Fact: Kate Hudson's baby son with Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, RYDER, calls his grandmother GOLDIE HAWN 'Gogo' and his grandfather KURT RUSSELL 'Gogi'.

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