The wide release of The Lego Movie is now only days away and as reviews filter through, reasons to watch this brand new, animated adventure stack up like the iconic, colourful building blocks. It seems that something in the movie's playful attitude and inventiveness has worked to bring out the inner child of even the most cynical critics and it's practically unanimous: The Lego Movie is a winner.

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Critics Are Falling Head-Over-Heels For 'The Lego Movie.'

The movie stars Chris Pratt as Emmet, an average little Lego guy with a sunny outlook on life who is mistaken for the amazing Master Builder by the bearded sage Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) and is enlisted on a mission to save the Lego world from being destroyed by Lord Business, the evil tyrant voiced by Will Ferrell. Emmet's unpreparedness yet nervous willingness to take on the heavy mantle of hero makes for some hilariously hapless scenes that will coax giggles out of those who thought their childhood was long gone.

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Forbes praises the "simple hero's journey, "celebrity cameos," and "postmodern humor" but lauds directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's choice to take things one step further with a truly enjoyable storyline. "The film goes in some wonderfully unexpected directions and takes real storytelling risks," writes Scott Mendelson, adding "The Lego Movie may in fact be brilliant."

Though it is remarked that the use of "3D is wholly unnecessary," Mendelson adds that "The Lego Movie looks simply fantastic [...] the frame is filled with endless bits of visual imagination and genuine wit [with] a genuine thoughtfulness.

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Brilliant Character Cameos, Creative Twists And An Inventive Premise Keep The Movie Lively.

THR heralds the movie as a saviour of "anemic" animation, saying "The LEGO Movie shows 'em how it's done." The film's eccentricity is a feature that is yet again highlighted as an asset: "It's a non-stop blast from beginning to end, jam-packed with a wacky irreverence, dazzling state-of-the-art CGI (courtesy of Animal Logic) and a pitch-perfect voice cast ," writes Michael Rechtshaffen.

For a Lego fan, any movie using the brand should carry the toy company's carefree spirit, tongue-in-cheek humour and mindset of endless possibilities. It seems that The Lego Movie has these attributes by the sack-full and more as Lego in-jokes are mixed with a universally entertaining script. "['The Lego Movie'] takes art and commerce and clicks them together as naturally and satisfyingly as a pair of plastic bricks on their way to becoming a castle or spaceship. Never before have I felt less like a film was selling me a product," remarks The Telegraph's Robbie Collin, who describes the film as "an uproariously funny family adventure."

"The film is computer-generated, but it looks like an old-fashioned stop-motion production. Individual bricks and figures come scratched, scuffed and smeared with fingerprints. The Lego world looks lived-in. No, even better: played-with," the smitten reviewer adds.

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Will Arnett Drops By As The Bat-Weapon Flinging Batman.

The Wrap adores the "unfettered combinations of pop culture staples" in the film, saying that the film celebrates the "childhood ethos of dumping all your toys on the floor and letting Barbie take Pikachu to G.I. Joe's fort so they can fight off the dread Raggedy Andy." However, Alonso Duralde believes that the film doesn't allow viewers to think for themselves in the way the Lego ethos encourages.

"It's the kind of spoon-feeding that's insulting to both children and their minders, and it sucks the fun out of what is otherwise a fast-moving lark of an animated comedy-adventure," he says damningly.

The movie has done well not to implant one of its many princess figures in the role of lead female, here voiced by Elizabeth Banks. Instead, Wyldstyle is a punky, hard-as-nails rebellious fighter who helps Emmet out on his quest. However, Forbes is left longing for "more than two major female roles," griping that Banks' character is "basically a 'minority feisty'."

Regardless, the film's more poignant themes of teamwork over adversity, the relentless Lego-centred jokes and the glittering cast in classic minifigure roles make The Lego Movie a must-see for all big kids and their own children too.

The Lego Movie will be released on the 7th February in the US and the 14th February in the UK.

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'The Lego Movie' Will Be Released Throughout This Month Across The World.