Topping off what’s been an awesome seven days for new movie trailers, the second teaser for the forthcoming Jurassic World has been released. A two and a half minute trailer was uploaded to YouTube on Monday morning (April 20th).

Solving the potential problem of how to make something more impressive than a Tyrannosaurus Rex on a cinema screen, the trailer gives us a first look at an even bigger, deadlier beast – the Indominus Rex. Created in a laboratory at the behest of a company to boost the theme park’s attendances… well, you know what’s gonna go wrong there.

Jurassic World Posters'Jurassic World' Posters

The clip revolves around the movie’s top-line star Chris Pratt and his dinosaur-handler character, a person who understands the wants and needs of the dinos – “it’s not about control, it’s a relationship based on respect”, he says in the trailer – and the new hybrid monster that turns out to be both smarter, faster and more dangerous than its creators imagined possible.

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Pratt and co-star Bryce Dallas Howard, the park’s operations manager, then must contain the escaped Indominus Rex before it destroys the entire set-up. A shot near the end of the trailer sees four pretty large Apatosauruses lying dead in the grassland – “it’s killing for sport,” Pratt is heard saying.

The first trailer for the third sequel to the blockbuster franchise – fourteen years after Jurassic Park III in 2001 – was released back in November last year to huge acclaim. Directed by Colin Tevorrow, who has previously helmed the 2012 comedy Safety Not Guaranteed, filming took place in Hawaii and New Orleans throughout 2014.

Jurassic World is due to be released in the UK on June 11th and the following day in the United States.

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Watch the full second teaser trailer for Jurassic World below