Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have had this amazing rivalry going on since promotion for their new film 'Passengers' started, which culminated in the pair of them trading creative insults at each other in a contest on BBC Radio 1. Needless to say, some of their insights were hugely entertaining.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris PrattJennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are 2016's best double act

Radio presenters Scott Mills and Chris Stark had Jen and Chris face other in a segment called Playground Insults, where they had to think of mean things to say that were so ridiculous they made each other laugh - the game ending when one of them 'loses it' or comes back with a 'killer insult'.

Jen didn't seem to be able to stop laughing all the way through, but Chris managed to stay composed until Jen told him: 'You are so old that your publicist is a registered nurse.' She also managed to cut him down with four simple words: 'Where is your Oscar?' To which an impressed Chris managed to disappoint himself completely with the comparatively weak: 'You were given an Oscar for Best Actress. You would also get one for being the worst.'

Chris won the round after Jen told him that she took two sickness pills before their sex scene in 'Passengers'. She shook his hand on his killer comeback: 'During our sex scene, I felt your d**k rubbing into me.'

The joke rivalry began after fans of Jennifer Lawrence Tweeted Chris asking for him to post some shots of himself with the actress, because Jen doesn't have a social media account herself. What Chris didn't tell Jen was that he was deliberately cropping her out of every image he took of the pair of them - something that naturally took Jen a few days to figure out.

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The actress got her own back on Chris after his hilarious selfie stunt by defacing his image on the side of a bus during her appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'. She sprayed out his face on the 'Passengers' banner with black paint and drew devil eyes on him, as Jimmy erased the letters of the film title until it just read 'ass' with an arrow pointing at Chris.