Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs! DINOSAAAUUUURS. Yes, the new teaser for Jurassic World probably contained some plot somewhere in there, but  who cares about that when you have a heard of majestic raptors running across the screen?

Chris Pratt
Also, Chris Pratt is pretty majestic himself.

There’s also Chris Pratt’s shocked face, which makes things ten times as majestim IMHO, but that’s another story. The trailer also stars some gates, vaguely evocative of the 1993 original and of course that theme song.

We’re taking this as a hint that this is the movie that will truly pay homage to the masterpiece that was Jurassic Park. Plus, after Guardians of the Galaxy, moviegoers the world over are relying on Chris Pratt to be the goofy, likeable, but ultimately rugged and heroic male lead he was born to be.

Watch the teaser for Jurassic World below.

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The biggest piece of information to take away from the teaser: the actual trailer trailer is coming during Thanksgiving football this Thursday - or for all of us non-US residents, on youtube soon after. Jurassic World is scheduled to be released on June 12th 2015 in both 2D and 3D.

Can. Not. Wait.