While we’re still waiting for the official set of reviews to hit the net, Guardians of The Galaxy is at the right end of some very positive murmurings from a certain 140-character social networking site.

Guardians of the GalaxyGuardians of The Galaxy

If you’re reading an article about Guardians of The Galaxy, then you’re probablu au fait with Twitter, meaning you can probably get the general reaction just by searching for the film over there. But you’re here now, so here are a couple of mini-reviews by those lucky enough to have seen it already.

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“Marvel’s @Guardians is magnificent. Hilarious, touching, action packed, I don’t think I could’ve liked it more. @JamesGunn killed it. Wow. Thank god that movie was good cause my night got decidedly worse right after that. Wedged my car good.… I don't like to take advantage of my awesome position, but this time I made an exception. Just RSVP'd to see @Guardians again after #SDCC,” wrpte Germain Lussier of Slashfilm, over a good few Tweets. 

Steven Weintraub of Collider tweeted, “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY opens up the Marvel universe in a great way. Movie is awesome & extremely funny. Congrats @JamesGunn. You did it. And anyone wondering if a talking racoon and tree wouldn't work, they have some of the best scenes and I loved both of them. #GUARDIANS.”

And finally, Devin Faraci of BadAssDigest tweeted, “Groot is the new star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I really liked GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. The characters work so well together. Gunn nails space opera. I'm excited for GUARDIANS 2 not for plot reasons but bc the heavy lifting of establishing everything is done and the characters can sing. Weird thing: whileGUARDIANS has the most Thanos-wank yet it's the Marvel movie that stands most on its own. It feels whole.”