Apropos their stand-off on BBC Radio 1 which saw them trade a number of insults, the reality of the situation is that 'Passengers' stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are best friends. Despite their public pranks, they have some really nice things to say about each other.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris PrattJennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are the best friends of the year

The chemistry between these two talented stars has been obvious since promotion of the sci-fi thriller began, she we can only imagine how this will translate to the cinema screen with their forthcoming movie. It's a sign of an amazing friendship that they can happily make fun of each other - Chris with his Instagram prank of cropping Jennifer out of selfies, Jennifer with her revenge attack on a 'Passengers' bus banned on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the pair of them on Radio 1's 'Playground Insults' - but it's an even better sign when they can be so genuine with their appraisals of each other.

'He's a spirit lifter for everyone', said Jennifer about Chris. 'He's the, and this is including the entire crew, he's the hardest working person on the set.' As for how Chris feels about his 26-year-old co-star, he's totally in love with her sense of humour.

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'Jen makes me laugh almost like no-one else in my life. She cracks me up so hard all day everyday. She's really, really funny', he says. 'And she's extraordinarily tough. I love that.' It's true that not everything he says about her is exceptionally complimentary, but he's a good enough friend to know what kind of compliments she likes. 'She's like Dior on the outside, Cracker Barrel on the inside', he says. 'I know that she'd take that as a compliment.'

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Despite all this, there are still things they can't agree on. 'She's my best friend', says Chris, as Jen quips: 'We're mortal enemies.'