It’s been a well-documented rise to fame for Chris Pratt – the guy who used to carve out sections of his Reebok classics because he couldn’t afford new ones that fit. Now, he leads an all star cast in Marvel’s latest multi-movie deal, and if the reviews are anything to go by, he’s got himself a franchise to be proud of.

Chris PrattChris Pratt executing part of the part-plan he has partly figured out

"What's really nice about this movie is that I believe we did something that's never been done before ... So, maybe people wouldn't have seen me in this role, but that's because they weren't able to have the vision that James [Gunn, director] had for what this could be,” explained Pratt to Collider.

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But it hasn’t always been a smooth ride, and not just because of his growing feet and restrictive Reeboks; no, Pratt was facing something of a dilemma even while auditioning for the role of Peter Quill, who was removed from Earth before his tenth birthday and is now a fun-loving Star Lord whose prize possession is a Walkman that plays Seventies disco and Eighties pop.

"At the time [of my audition], I had been having an identity crisis, as an actor. I didn't know what I was and whether I was an action guy or a comedy guy,” he explained. Lucky, then, that his role in GOTG lets him fly with both jets. “I thought, 'Maybe I could do a combination of both, but there's nothing out there that's like that. Maybe I have to develop something'. And my manager just kept saying, 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. So, I said, 'Maybe you're right. Let's go meet on it'. And then, James said, 'I just want somebody to do their thing'.”

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'Guardians of the Galaxy' finally hits town on 31 July (UK) and a day later in the US. Big things are expected from the box so check back on Monday to see how Pratt and his space-hopping cohorts performed. 

Watch the trailer for Guardians of The Galaxy here