Chris Pine starred in the titular role in 2014's 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which was the latest attempt to reboot the beloved spy franchise created by famed author Tom Clancy, but the flick was anything but a success.

Jack Ryan
Chris Pine as Jack Ryan in 'Shadow Recruit'

While promoting the new Disney musical 'Into The Woods' with Moviefone, Pine revealed he does not think Paramount will be releasing a sequel to 'Shadow Recruit' mainly due to its poor performance at the box office.

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"No, I don't think it made enough money for that to happen," the Hollywood actor said about the future of the role. "That's one of my deep regrets, that we didn't totally get that right. It's a great franchise, and if it's not me, then I hope it gets a fifth life at this point. It's just great. I love the spy genre. I hope it's done again and with a great story."

Unlike the other movies based on Tom Clancy's famous spy character, 'Shadow Recruit' portrayed the origins of Jack Ryan and how he began his career as a field agent as well as the start of his relationship with physiotherapist, Cathy Muller (Knightley). The movie wasn't based on any novels by the late author, but it planned to be a reboot of the old 'Jack Ryan' film series, depicting a completely original story.

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The spy thriller, made with a low budget of $60 million, only earned $50.6 million in the U.S., and $135.5 million at the box office worldwide.