The Bridesmaids star took to this week (beg26Apr15) to vent about his experience at Britain's Gatwick airport, where he claims security staff searched his son Art and confiscated his bottle.

He writes, "Thanks Gatwick security! Some might think body-searching a baby and binning his bottle was overzealous and weird, but not me! #ScaryBaby."

A spokesperson for the airport responded to the post, telling WENN, "All passengers are subject to the normal security screening processes at the airport. When young babies come through security we ask parents to carry them. If the scanning equipment picks up something, we have to check both the parent and the baby. We always try to handle these searches sensitively.

"The restrictions around liquids are government requirements, and passengers are advised that when travelling with a baby, they are allowed to take enough baby food, baby milk and sterilised water for the journey. In some cases this will be over 100ml (millilitres)."

Carrying more than 100 millilitres of liquid through airport security has been outlawed in the U.K. since a terrorist plot to bring down planes using liquid-based explosives was foiled in 2006.