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Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show Recovers As Latest Ratings Revealed

Nick Grimshaw Chris Moyles

Radio presenter Nick Grimshaw has received a welcome boost after the latest radio listenership figures were revealed, with his Radio 1 breakfast show attracting an extra 800,000 listeners over the last three months of last year.

Grimshaw regained a significant amount of listeners to his show after recording the lowest ever figures for the time slot last summer. His share of the airwaves jumped to 5.72 million listeners for the last three months of 2017, having slumped to 4.93 million previously.

Former Radio 1 breakfast show host Chris Moyles, who joined Radio X nearly three years ago to front their breakfast show, is another winner according to the current figures, receiving an extra 200,000 listeners on the same time last year to put him just under the million mark.

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Chris Moyles Tells His New Listeners That Radio X "Is Not Just For Men"

Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles returned to the airwaves for the first time in three years this morning and was back to his rule-breaking ways - dismissing a previously released press release about what his new radio station stands for as "rubbish". Moyles hosted the breakfast show for Radio X - previously XFM - and told listeners that it was not the "radio version of a Yorkie bar".

Chris MoylesMoyles is back in the radio breakfast hotseat

Radio X promotors had previously promised it would be the "first truly male-focused" station.

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Chris Moyles - Chris Moyles to go back on air with Radio X - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 9th September 2015

Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles Poised For Breakfast Show Comeback On XFM

Chris Moyles Nick Grimshaw

Chris Moyles is reported to be making a surprise comeback to the nation’s airwaves by hosting a new breakfast show starting later this year.

According to a report in The Sun, the 41 year old Yorkshireman signed a “big money deal” with XFM to front a breakfast show that will apparently start in September this year. It would of course mean that Moyles will directly compete with Nick Grimshaw, the man who replaced him on BBC Radio 1’s breakfast show three years ago.

Chris MoylesChris Moyles is to present a new XFM breakfast show, according to reports

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Nick Grimshaw Oversees Massive Drop In Radio 1 Listeners

Nick Grimshaw Chris Evans Chris Moyles

Nick Grimshaw may have gained some new fans and listeners since moving to the coveted breakfast slot at the BBC's flagship radio station, but overall, his move to the main slot has seen listener numbers plummet by a massive 1 million people. The drop in numbers gives the high profile spot it's lowest audience numbers in over a decade and has called into question the BBC's commitment to Grimshaw as a DJ.

Nick Grimshaw
Grimmy has lost a substantial amount of listeners

The 29-year-old successor to Chris Moyles, who left the Radio 1 breakfast slot last September after 12 years of holding down the morning fort, has seen audience figures fall to the same number as when Moyles arrived in the slot. The audience numbers for the breakfast show, then presented by Sara Cox, were at an all-time low, but were taken to new heights thanks to the popularity of Moyles. However this may not spell the end of Grimmy, as he was tasked with increasing the number of young listeners tuning in to the station, even if that meant sacrificing some of Moyles' older listeners. According to the new figures, compiled by Rajar, Grimshaw brings in roughly 5.58 million listeners through the week.

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Bombshell! Vernon Kay And Reggie Yates Both Leaving Radio One

Vernon Kay Chris Moyles Nick Grimshaw Jameela Jamil

Vernon Kay and Reggie Yates have both dropped the bombshell that they will be leaving Radio One at the end of the year.

It’s all change up there at Radio One Towers, what with long-standing Breakfast Show host Chris Moyles making way for Nick Grimshaw in the coveted morning slot and now, just a few months down the line, Vernon’s weekend show will be up for grabs, and Reggie’s Chart show will now be hosted by Jameela Jamil.

According to The Sun, 38 year-old Vernon’s decision to leave his hosting duties was spurred on by a desire to spend more time with his family, now that his daughters are at school. “I’ve had an incredible nine-and-a-half years at Radio 1 that has exceeded all of my expectations, it has been a fabulous experience and I’ve loved the weekends I have spent with my listeners,” he said in a statement about his decision to leave. “However, when I was offered a contract extension I thought long and hard, but after 12 years of working weekends with CBBC, T4 and Radio 1, I felt it was the right time to leave as the girls are now both in school so weekends are more precious than ever.”

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Radio 1 Out, Jesus Christ Superstar In For Chris Moyles After Lowest Ratings Ever

Chris Moyles Nick Grimshaw Chris Evans

Ex-Radio 1 breakfast presenter Chris Moyles worked on the station since 2004 and has since found success in many other capacities. He has his own show on Channel 4, appeared in X Factor: Battle of the Stars, written his autobiography and now he is set to be starring in Jesus Christ Superstar on the West End. His philanthropic works have seen him climb Kilimanjaro and break the world record for longest radio show at 52.5 hours, raising over £2m. Despite all of this apparent talent, and all he has done for Radio 1, the final Chris Moyles Show brought in the lowest audience figure in his entire career with the station.

Chris Moyles has been replaced by Nick Grimshaw, who began his career on T4 (which will be cancelled in January), in order for Moyles to be able to explore the potential for his career further, on stage. The Standard reports that in Moyles' final show his figures were lower than BBC Radio 4's Today Programme that airs at the same time. 6.73million listeners tuned in to Radio 1, while the Radio 4 achieved an impressive 6.94 million. As yet we're unsure whether this is a sign that the listeners are becoming inherently higher brow, or whether everyone was just bored of the northern joker. 

Radio figures seem to be falling across the board, so Radio 4 is really beating the odds. Even Chris Evans' breakfast show on Radio 2, which is the most listened to show in the UK, has lost almost half a million listeners over the past 6 months. With the figures for Moyles' reaching an all time low, no doubt bosses are overjoyed with their decision to mix it up with the northern hipster, Grimshaw. 

Radio One's Chris Moyles Left Breakfast Show With Ratings At All-Time Low

Chris Moyles Nick Grimshaw

Was Chris Moyles’ on-air fatigue rubbing off on his listeners when he left Radio One? Today (October 25, 2012), Radio Times have reported that Moyles’ listener figures were at an all-time low when he left his breakfast show on the station last month. The figures, published by RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research), revealed that Moyles’ audience had dropped from a one-time high of 8 million listeners, to 6.73 million.

The Radio 4 Today show beat Moyles' breakfast show, with an average audience of 6.94 million between July and September. Moyles' audience had dropped by another 200,000 since the figures were last recorded and made for the lowest audience for the show, since the start of 2006. When Chris Moyles left the station, after an eight year stint, he was replaced by Nick Grimshaw. Grimshaw is 11 years younger than Moyles and it’s reported that Radio One’s controller, Ben Cooper, felt under pressure to regain a more youthful audience for the show. We won’t know how well Grimshaw’s doing until the New Year, when the audience figures for his first quarter in the job will have been published.

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Did Nick Grimshaw Nab Scott Mills’ Radio 1 Breakfast Slot?

Nick Grimshaw Chris Moyles

Nick Grimshaw made his debut in the Radio 1 breakfast slot on Monday morning (September 24, 2012) and went down particularly well with the younger generation, it seems. Though the Manchester-born DJ was a surprise choice to take over from Chris Moyles, his penchant for playing contemporary rock and pop records instead of relying on too much on-air chatter appeared to get the thumbs up from younger listeners.

One man who has never hidden his desire to host the breakfast show is fellow Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, who may have felt a little hard done by not to snag the coveted spot. In a recent interview, he told Digital Spy, “In 2007 [a paper] printed that Moyles was being sacked and I was gonna take over. Of course it wasn't true, but I think if that had happened then I would have been really pissed off if I hadn't got the show, because I was next in line for it.” When pushed as to whether he would have taken the role now, Mills seemed a little unconvincing, saying, “I don't think I would wanna do it now, I honestly don't. I think the time has gone. I think there was a time period of about two, three, four years when I would have been bang up for it - that time is not now.” Hmm. Nevertheless, Mills seems genuinely pleased for Grimshaw, saying, “Someone like Grimmy is what they need. It makes a statement. I'm just pleased to still be on there and I love it so much still, but do I think I've missed the boat on this one? Not really.”

One listener on Twitter said of Nick’s first show, “Great so far, looking forward to listening rest of the week!”, though another scarily asked the DJ, “I’m miserable let me be your friend so i can be happy please I bet you”.

Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show: How Did It Go Down On Twitter?

Nick Grimshaw Chris Moyles The Script Cheryl Cole David Guetta Jay Z Kanye West One Direction Niall Horan

Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 breakfast show appeared to get the thumbs up from younger listeners on Monday morning (September 24, 2012) after the 28-year-old made his debut on the station, taking over from Chris Moyles. One thing certainly evidenced during Grimshaw’s first outing was his music-driven schedule, playing more tracks in the first half-hour then Moyles would ordinarily have played in the first half of his popular show.

Manchester-born Grimshaw mainly played a mix of tracks already featuring on the Radio 1 playlist, including the current UK No.1 from The Script, though he also opted for hits by Cheryl Cole, David Guetta, Otto Knows and The Vaccines. It certainly looks as though Grimshaw and Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper are looking to tackle their target demographic of 15 to 29-year-old’s head on, and the DJ’s first track, ‘Nigg*s in Paris’ by Watch the Throne duo Jay Z and Kanye West, was perhaps a sign of things to come. The show appeared to go down well with early-bird Twitter users; one said, “I'm giving myself a headache because grimmers is so perfect?” while another offered, “I only listened to about 30mins of grimmers show this morn and I LOVED it!!! TeamGrimmers - Chris who???”. Even a couple of celebs got in on the act, with One Direction’s Niall Horan also approving of the new show, saying, “Go on grimmy! great show dude! grimmers, love the way the robot calls him grimey”.

Though Grimshaw has made a solid start, the listener figures will ultimately have the final say in his success, or failure.

Harry Styles And Friends Celebrate Nick Grimshaw’s Final Late Night Show

Harry Styles Henry Holland Annie Mac Example Nick Grimshaw Chris Moyles Cara Delevingne

Harry Styles, Pixie Geldof, Henry Holland, Annie Mac and Example gathered in London on Thursday (September 20, 2012) following Nick Grimshaw’s final Radio 1 late night show. Grimshaw is replacing Chris Moyles on the coveted breakfast show, and he was joined by friends at the Groucho Club.

Though most of the group partied until the early hours, the scrappy young Harry Styles left early in a Range Rover. To be fair to the One Direction singer, he’s had a pretty busy week attending the various shows at London Fashion Week. He took up a front row seat for the Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 catwalk collection, though hardly sounded specialist on the subject of women’s fashion when quizzed by the Press Association. “I like coats and it's cold so they always have to wear coats, so it's great,” he said, adding, “I thought the show was great. I liked the colours - they're not too much, they're quite subtle. I think their winter stuff's wicked.” So he basically likes the coats and the colours.

Styles’ model girlfriend Cara Delevingne was amongst the models showcasing Burberry’s new collection this year.

Chris Moyles, Kaiser Chiefs and Leeds & Reading Festival - Chris Moyles introduces The Kaiser Chiefs. According to an eyewitness, Moyles stated that he used to be the Radio 1 Breakfast Show Presenter whilst making a vulgar hand gesture aimed at the BBC Sunday 26th August 2012 Reading Festival 2012 - Performances - Day Three

Chris Moyles, Kaiser Chiefs and Leeds & Reading Festival

Kiefer Sutherland and Chris Moyles Friday 23rd January 2009 signs autographs for waiting fans as he leaves BBC Radio 1 after giving an interview on the Chris Moyles Show London, England

Kiefer Sutherland and Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles - Thursday 21st February 2008 at Brit Awards London, England

Chris Moyles

Billie Piper and Chris Moyles Thursday 27th September 2007 Leaving the BBC Radio One studios after appearing on the Chris Moyles show. Billie is about to star in "The Secret Diary of a Call Girl", a dramatisation of Belle de Jour’s sexy diaries. London, England

Billie Piper and Chris Moyles
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