When 05.11.2013

Coldplay's Chris Martin thanks applauding fans as he sits down to his piano and begins to play his 2003 single 'Clocks' live at Hotel Café in Los Angeles. While playing the intro, he interrupts himself. 'Let me just preface this by saying I might be a little rusty on this one and I'm missing my band which is sad, y'know?' He tells the audience. 'I have to practise this because on Saturday I'm doing a concert in New York with Michael J. Fox for his Parkinsons charity and I get to play songs from 'Back To The Future' with him. Which is great for me because that's what got me into music and without that film there wouldn't be this song.'

While attempting the song a second time, he messes up and makes the crowd laugh. 'Please don't put this on YoutTube', he begs. 'I know someone already f****** has!' He also covers his 'favourite' Bob Dylan song 'Simple Twist of Fate', plays some of his other Coldplay hits 'Viva La Vida', 'Atlas', 'The Scientist' and he's about to play 'Paradise' but struggles to tune his guitar.


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