Coldplay spread the love to fellow rocker Mick Jagger Rolling Stones on Monday. During Coldplay’s show in New York City on Monday, May 5, Chris Martin seemed to give his condolences to The Rolling Stones frontman over the death of his partner L’Wren Scott. Scott, who committed suicide in March, had dated Jagger since 2001. From the stage, Martin simply said: “This is for Mick Jagger.”

The song, which includes lyrics like: "When tears come streaming down your face/ When you lose something you can't replace/ When you love someone and it goes to waste/ Could it be worse?" made for a pointed tribute to the tragedy.

Chris Martin
Martin stuck up for his fellow musician.

Then the band launched into their 2005 single Fix You.

Scott committed suicide in March. During a memorial last week Mick sang Bob Dylan's Just Like a Woman, RTT reports. Jagger's son James added a poem reading, while two of his grandchildren read Psalm 23. Long time Rolling Stone back up singer Lisa Fischer added a rendition of "Amazing Grace."

The concert also served as a sort of sneak peek of Coldplay’s upcoming album Ghost Stories, to be released May 19th. The band debuted the previously unheard track True Love.


Martin himself has recently been going through some tough times. Also in March, the Coldplay frontman separated from his wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, in what she herself famously dubbed a conscious uncoupling. The couple married in 2003.

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