Chris Martin is used to entertaining audiences with his band Coldplay but when the British frontman gave a solo performance at LA's Hotel Café, he unwittingly put on a comedy show.

Chris Martin
Oops! Chris Martin Messes Up Coldplay's Most Famous Song.

The 36 year-old can be seen in our video settling down behind his piano to applause and beginning to play the first few bars of what is arguably his band's most famous song, 'Clocks.' However, he hits a wrong note and rather than styling it out and carrying on he stops playing.

"Let me just preface this by saying I might be a little rusty on this one and I'm missing my band which is sad, y'know?" He tells the audience, who are laughing raucously. "I have to practise this because on Saturday I'm doing a concert in New York with Michael J. Fox for his Parkinsons charity and I get to play songs from 'Back To The Future' with him. Which is great for me because that's what got me into music and without that film there wouldn't be this song."

Watch The Clip Of Chris Martin Performing In LA:

He kicks into the performance again and makes it into the first verse but this time he stops because he thinks he's got the words wrong. He rustles about in his music sheets before deciding that he actually got the words right. The crowd begins to laugh more and Martin pleads jokingly: "Please don't put this on YoutTube - I know someone already f****** has!"

Chris Martin Lou Lous
Martin Jokingly Urged The Crowd Not To Share The Video Of His Mistakes.

After finally managing to finish 'Clocks,' Chris picked up his guitar and gave a performance of his "favourite Bob Dylan song," 'Simple Twist of Fate,' and returns to his own band's hits with 'Viva La Vida' and 'Atlas.'

Chris is about to play 'Paradise' when he realises that he has forgotten to tune a guitar. "I haven't tuned my own guitar since 1986," he admits sheepishly whilst twanging away. After several fruitless attempts, he is forced to give up and ask for another guitar. With little more luck with this one, Chris has his original guitar handed back to him and he settles for an intimate performance of 'The Scientist.'

Chris Martin Piano
He Got There In The End.

The singer and pianist has admitted in the past that he has undergone therapy for insomnia and that nightmares about performances going wrong often keep him awake at night. Nevertheless, Chris' blunders in LA show that although his band has conquered the world and earned millions, he's still able to laugh at himself.