Chris Martin sings Pulp songs on karaoke.

The Coldplay frontman, who is a big fan of the 'Disco 2000' band, claims he couldn't do what Pulp do but he still likes to get up on the microphone in bars and imitates the band's frontman, Jarvis Cocker.

He said: ''I'm going through such a Pulp phase. I just love 'em. I listen to Jarvis and there's part of me that thinks wow I just can't do that.

''But I can do what I do and I'm very grateful that I can do that. I love 'Different Class' but then I like bits and bobs from all over the place.

''I've never done a Pulp cover in public but in Karaoke I've done a few. Jarvis is very cool, you've got to get that hand twist that he does.''

Meanwhile, the singer and his band - also featuring Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion - have been through ''most rock and roll clichés'' and say the fact that they're not touring this year means they relish the few small shows they have been doing.

Chris told Absolute Radio's Pete Donaldson in an interview conducted before one of their gigs at London's Royal Albert Hall this week: ''I have a big connection to the Albert Hall because when I first moved to London, the first concert I ever got in to see was the Black Crows and I bought tickets off a tout.

''It just seemed like the hugest place in the world. I'm a huge Black Crows fan and the singer Chris, I think smiled at me which sort of made life at the time.''