A new DVD which shows rapper THE GAME stealing a rim from a basketball court at arch-rival 50 CENT's Connecticut home has been pulled from Interscope's release schedule.

The film, STOP SNITCHIN STOP LYIN, which details the famous feud between the former pals, was set for release at the beginning of last month (DEC05) but was delayed while distributors reportedly sought legal advice.

And now the 17 January (06) release date is to be ignored, after bosses at distributors Bungalow Records and Interscope chose not to put the controversial documentary on the market.

According to Los Angeles Times journalist Chris Lee, who has seen the film, the DVD features footage of The Game and members of his entourage break and enter into 50 Cent's compound and mock the rapper while playing basketball in a court on his property.

When the rim of one net accidentally breaks as The Game dunks a score, the Los Angeles rap star makes off with it.

He allegedly wore the rim around his neck during a promotional interview for the DVD on satellite radio show WESTSIDE HYPE in late November (05).

Interscope publicists are refusing to comment about the decision to cancel the release of Stop Snitchin Stop Lyin, claiming they never speak about unofficial releases.

50 Cent has not pressed trespassing or theft charges against his rival.