Disney Pictures and marvel Comic studios' 'Thor: The Dark World' had its London premiere last night (Oct 22nd). Australian actor Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as the hammer throwing 'Thor' as does Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Idris Elba and Anthony Hopkins in the much anticipated superhero sequel, which is already receiving rave reviews from critics.

Chris Hemsworth as 'Thor' and Anthony Hopkins as Odin

'Thor' is attempting to deal with the aftermath of 'The Avengers' (2012) as he attempts to restore order across the universe. However an ancient enemy re-emerges, so old it's older than the universe itself, is out for revenge and its one mission is to plunge the universe into darkness. 'Thor' fights to save all nine realms from this primeval race led by 'Malekith', an enemy so fierce he has to turn to his disgraced half-brother 'Loki' for help.

The journey 'Thor' must embark on is one of great sacrifice and bravery, he must unite with his love 'Jane Foster' (Natalie Portman) to work together to save Earth, as well as addressing their relationship which concluded in the first film with unanswered questions.

Tom Hiddleston returns as the disgrased brother of 'Thor'

Critics finally got to see the much anticipated 8th Marvel cinematic film, so what was their verdict?

Alonso Duralde from The Wrap thought, "Thor: The Dark World delivers the goods - action, otherworldly grandiosity, romance, humor - above and beyond its predecessor."

Amon Warmann from HeyUGuys echoed the praises as he said "Thor: The Dark World is an ambitious, thrilling and often hilarious superhero sequel. Iron Man got things off to a great start, but now Marvel's 'Phase Two' is in full swing."

Watch the 'Thor: The Dark World' trailer here

Mark Adams of Screen International added, "Of all of the Marvel franchises Thor always felt the most difficult to pull off (he is a virtually indestructible God after all) but here it all ties together rather well."

Natalie Portman returns as 'Thor's' love interest 'Jane Foster'

However not all critics had a positive reaction to the epic sequel as Tim Robey from The Daily Telegraph said, "It feels entirely made by committee - the definition of house style, without a personal stamp in sight."

Yet he is in the minority because the new superhero flick has received an impressive 80% on Rotten Tomatoes already.

'Thor: The Dark Wrold' is set to hit theatres 30th October 2013. 

'Thor: The Dark World' could be the best Marvel comics adaptation to date