Chris Hemsworth is currently busy promoting new movie The Huntsman: Winter's War, in which he reprises his role as Eric, the handsome Huntsman from Snow White. On Friday the Aussie hunk paid a visit to Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio One Breakfast Show, where the DJ put Hemsworth’s trademark deep voice to good use.

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth has given a dramatic reading of Rihanna’s ‘Work’.

Grimshaw asked the actor to dramatically recite the lyrics to Rihanna’s hit single ‘Work’, which includes lines ‘He said me haffi. Work work work work work work!’ and ‘He see me do mi, Dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt.’

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After Hemsworth’s dramatic and powerful reading Grimshaw joked: “Wow! That was really something that was beautiful It's like I was at the Globe watching Shakespeare.”

"Yeah it drummed up a whole lot of feelings and emotions and past experiences," the actor responded.”It makes you just want to get to work, doesn't it? Hear that, kids? Get a job.”

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In The Huntsman: Winter's War, Hemsworth stars opposite Charlize Theron who reprises her role as Ravenna, the Evil Queen from 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman. Joining the cast are Emily Blunt as Freya, the Ice Queen and Jessica Chastain as Sara, Eric's wife who was thought to be dead. The Huntsman: Winter's War hits theatres on April 22nd.

Watch Chris Hemsworth recite Rihanna’s ‘Work’ below: