Chris Hemsworth has "put the brakes on" his pregnant wife's adventurous side.

The 'Thor' actor and spouse Elsa Pataky are expecting their first child together and the 35-year-old actress admits she is finding it hard to be less active and take fewer risks.

She said: "I'm pregnant and I say, 'But I can't go surfing? Are you sure I can't go horseriding or on the motorbike?' I've always been like that. I like risk. I realise it's nuts, but it goes through my head.

"My mother holds her head in her hands, then she makes me see sense. My husband too. He puts the brakes on and the worst thing is I have to listen."

The 'Fast and Furious 5' actress also revealed she is less strict with her diet now she is pregnant and has been craving a lot of junk food.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "I don't like the healthy food I used to love.

"Now all I want is sweet things, rubbish like hamburgers, chips - all the stuff I never used to touch.

"I try not to go over the top because I need to look after myself for my work. I'm always doing things related to my image. But I do treat myself. I'm not as strict as before.

"I never used to eat popcorn. Not even in the cinema. Now I eat it all the time! I've always had a sweet tooth but now I indulge it a bit more. Before I'd have a rice cake for breakfast. Now I have a muffin."