Chris Hemsworth is ''an arms guy''.

Personal trainer Luke Zhocci has been working with Chris, 36, for over eight years and he revealed that the star prefers to bulk up rather than do cardio and he particularly loves working on his arms.

He told The Sun: ''When it comes to the sort of workouts Chris likes the most - he loves functional movement stuff - sit throughs, body weight, pull ups, chin ups, bulking, but he really loves training arms, he's a bit of an arms guy.

''When it comes to energy levels Chris eats pretty well and has a well balanced diet. On set he has a chef with him to plan his meals.

''On top of that motivation wise, he is pretty competitive.''

Luke and Chris have been close friends since primary school so Luke admitted motivating his pal can sometimes be tough.

He explained: ''Because we've known each other such a long time sometimes it can be a disadvantage.

''If I yell at him it doesn't work, sometimes I could ask him to do 10 pull ups and he might say he wants to skip that part or that he can't be bothered.

''So I'll just say ok, and then I'll do them and then he ends up doing 15, but he's not scared to say no.

''When you're training for a purpose or a goal, doing these roles are motivators for him and it makes my job easier.''