'Thor: The Dark World' stars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have a great bond.

Chris and Tom - who play warring brothers Thor and Loki respectively in the Marvel movies, including 2012's 'The Avengers' - have developed a strong relationship on and off set after working together on three movies in as many years.

Hemsworth said of his on-screen brother: ''I know that he makes me better, straight up. Because we have such a history - as people, let alone as characters - I know anything I do is received without judgement. And he knows it's the same back. It's great.''

Hiddleston added to Total Film magazine: ''Chemistry is a weird, indefinable thing that people talking about in a film all the time, and they really talk about it between men and women in romantic comedies, but Chris and I know we have this great chemistry. We love it, so we have a good time. Thor and Loki have exceeded our expectations in every way.''

Since betraying his brother in 2011's 'Thor', and attempting to take over the world in 'The Avengers', Loki will be seen working alongside Thor in the new movie - but he will still be just as mischievous as ever.

Hiddleston teased: ''The Thor/Loki relationship is interesting. There's even more to play with, more to extend it and more to make it deeper, darker and more fun. I am the god of mischief ... I'm still mischievous, I'm still the trickster.''