Another series of ABC's The Bachelor has reached an end and this year we've been given the coupling of Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell. It had been a long road for the former professional football player bachelor and the victorious bachelorette but sparks weren't exactly flying at the end of the long and emotionally-testing selection process.

Juan Pablo Galavis
Juan Pablo Galavis Offered His Final Rose To Nikki Ferrell.

As Juan Pablo swept Nikki into his arms, the couple seemed happy enough but there was no marriage proposal or even a declaration of love. Such a lack of romance on the final episode of the love-seeking show was picked up on by fans, who criticised Juan Pablo. However, the Venezuelan reality television star has since taken things into his own hands and has released a video montage of his and Nikki's best moments together on the show.

Watch Juan Pablo's 'Adventures In Loving You' Montage:

Entitled Adventures in Loving You, the montage is apparently soundtracked by a song adapted from words that Juan Pablo wrote. The song isn't amazingly inspired - "You're the only one for me/ your love is like a big blue sea" - but makes for a nice ditty as the memories roll. The clip shows the pair's best bits from the show, including abseiling, smooching on a baseball pitch, and riding a mechanical bull together.

"This is a RECAP of Mi Aventura.Thanks to Obie Bermudez for using the WORDS I sent him and TURNING them into a SONG.'Adventures In Love You' is for you Mi Catira.," Juan Pablo writes at the beginning of the clip. It's a very sweet and original display but not entirely convincing after the lack-lustre finale on Monday night.

It should be pointed out that if Nikki and Juan Pablo stayed together, they'd be bucking the trend laid out by seventeen previous Bachelor seasons and sixteen couples who are no longer together. Season 17's Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici seem to be the only couple so far whose relationship has stood the test of time since they were married in a televised ceremony last year.

Well we can't say that we're not hopeful but we're mostly pretty sceptical too because the odds just aren't in their favour. In fact, a show insider speaking to E! Online said they'd give the new couple "less than a month" before they called it all off. Who said romance was dead, eh?