We were outraged to hear that The Guardian have labeled Captain America the “dullest superhero”. If they can’t see how great The Cap is, well, that’s their loss, it’s certainly nothing to do with Captain America, who may be our favourite out of the Avengers team.

Chris Evans Captain America
Anyone who could call Evans' Captain America "dull" needs their eyes checked

Captain America may not have the overt style and flashy charisma of Iron Man, or the godlike superpowers of Thor, but Steve Rogers can save the world with best of them and he does it with his own brand of flair. Sure, he’s a bit straight-laced and never one to break the rules, but it’s for his outstanding virtue that he was chosen by Dr. Erskine to take part in the “super soldier” experiment. He never lets his new found rocking body go to his head, and his days as the ugly swan keep him grounded when the other superheroes (we’re looking at you, Tony Stark) can be insufferably arrogant at times.

Chris Evans brings a charm for The Cap that makes the character the antithesis of “dull”. Captain America is always tinged with that melancholy air of sadness that Evans has managed to impeccably capture.  The added fact that he requires little CGI animation to bring his super strength to life has allowed the actor to imbue his character with more personality than some of the other superheroes. Sure, Tony Stark gets the funny one liners, the Hulk gets the comical brute force shots, Thor gets to fly around yelling “Hammer!” but Captain America is a humanising aspect of The Avengers team. Watching him deal with modern life as well as the loss of everyone he once knew adds a depth to him that the others characters just don’t have.

Captain America Winter SoldierChris Evans as Captain America 

Captain America is undoubtedly the bravest superhero, a bastion of the American dream, always ready and willing to risk his life for the sake of others. He is unwaveringly selfless and doesn’t act for the good of the few, but always the many.

Captain America: The Winter Solider sees The Cap come up against his greatest foe yet, shaking Rodgers to his core, tirelessly fighting to save the world, as well as everything he holds dear. A third Captain America film is due to be released in 2016, after which Evans has revealed his intentions to retire from acting and take up the director’s seat instead.

We hope that The Guardian’s comments didn’t have any influence over his decision because if we had it our way they’d be another fifteen Captain America films to go. As it stands, however, we are content with Evans decision to direct and look forward to seeing what the action star has up his sleeve.

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