The full trailer for Marvel's 'Captain America: the Winter Solider' has finally been revealed letting us in to more than a few of the major plot points for the upcoming movie. The trailer shows Chris Evans back in his role as Steve Rogers who is now time teaming up with Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. We also get a look at Samuel L Jackson reprising his role as Nick Fury, Robert Redford appearing as a a senior SHIELD official and Anthony Mackie as a new superhero called the Falcon who has the ability to fly. With the release of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' just over two months away, it may be worth using this time time to brush up on your Captain America knowledge before enjoying this installment.

Chris Evans as Captain America Chris Evans returns as Captain Amercia

Who is Captain America?
Ok you really should know this one, but just incase: Captain America aka Steve Rogers is a solider who is enhanced by the US government and turned into a 'super solider'. After crashing his plane in the Arctic, he wakes up in a fake 1940s hospital and after running out into Times Square he realises he's awoken some 70 years later.

When does Captain America: the Winter Solider take place?
It takes place two years after the events of the 'Avengers' movie in which we saw Captain America recruited to SHIELD and fighting alongside other Avengers. We are told Steve Rogers is now “living quietly in Washington, DC and trying to adjust to the modern world. “

Who is the Winter Solider?
This was the big question. In the trailer we hear that “most of the intelligence community doesn't believe he exists, those who do call him the winter solider.” The trailer does not answer the question or give us a clean, full shot of his face. However you might want to take another look at some of the other characters in the first Captain America, the Winter Soldier might be someone Rogers has encountered before.

Scarlett Johansson returns as Black WidowScarlett Johansson repreises her role as the Black Widow

What's next in the Marvel timeline?                                                                                                     Next for Marvel will be 'Antman' to be released later this year 'Guardians of the Galaxy' which is scheduled for August. Meanwhile its been reported that Captain America 3 is already being planned with Anthony and Joe Russo being asked to direct again.

Watch the trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier here: