Batman and Superman’s epic battle, which is set to kick off on May 6 2016, will have to play nice and share cinemas with Captain America 3 in what promises to be a huge day in the world of superheroes. It was DC and Warner Bros. and their ‘Man of Steel 2’ who made the first move, changing the date of their much-anticipated superhero mash-up to May 6, a date on which Marvel already had an ‘unspecified’ film scheduled.

Captain AmericaChris Evans has just been told he'll be going up against Batman AND Superman

Well that film has now been specified as Captain America 3. On paper, it seems as though ‘Batman v Superman’ - or whatever they decide to actually call the movie – will win that battle with consummate ease. But considering the backlash faced when Ben Affleck was cast as the new Batman and the $80m opening weekend predicted for Captain America 2, things might not be so straightforward.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige IGN’s Jim Vejvoda: “We're still on that date and we're going to be announcing soon what the movie will be on that date. That's what we're sort of actively working on as we get ready to firm up and get into pre-production what will be the two films for '16 and the two films for '17.”

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Last night saw the premiere of Captain America: Winter Soldier in Hollywood following slew of positive tweets about the movie. Here are some of those tweets:

“Oh, wow is CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER a perfect film. Wow wow wow,” wrote Silas Lesnick. “The CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel blew me away. Movie has a fantastic script, amazing action, and great character moments. Just about perfect,” Tweeted @colliderfrosty. “Really liked Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Proves Joss isn't only 1 in Marvel's arsenal who can craft a compelling/fresh female char,” @JarettSays posted. Looks like people are in to the new Captain America!

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