Since his heyday in the 80s, Chris De Burgh has always lent himself to be joke fodder - be it his rather dismal back-catalogue, his hilariously uncool appearance or something else, De Burgh has never really endeared himself to most. In a recent interview with The Independent, the 'Lady In Red' singer has added more fuel to the fire of his expense.

In the interview, published in today's Independent (Jan 13), De Burgh comes across as a rather interesting fellow, with his strange mannerisms and slightly over-friendly approach, but there is one excerpt from the interview where the singer really does put his foot in his mouth. When asked about how he feels in his own skin, and if he knows who he really is, the singer impudently says: "I love myself. I'm not saying this in a narcissistic way"

Out of context, we'll admit, that does look a little stranger than it might otherwise, but the rest of the interview doesn't lend the singer too many favours either. Constantly starting sentences with "As someone who has sold over 45 million records..." and going on to claim “I am much loved,” Chris may find himself in the logbook of comedians once again. Still, all publicity is good publicity.