Chris Daughtry has reacted indignantly to allegations made by former band mates of the ex-American Idol contestant that he has been using songs that they wrote for his subsequent solo career. Now 32, Daughtry entered the 2006 edition of 'American Idol' and made it all the way to the final four before being eliminated from the competition. His discography since has stretched to three solo albums, including 2009's US Billboard topper 'Leave This Town,' and last year's 'Break This Spell.'
It's material released before that however that's caused the bother, with his former Absent Element band mates, who he released one album with in 2005, claiming that Daughtry is guilty of "constructive fraud," "unfair trade practises" and "other deceptive and wrongful conduct," according to papers quoted by the Bbc. Ryan Andrews, Scott Crawford and Mark Perry are fighting to prove that elements of their work are in fact far from absent in three of Daughtry's songs, including US top 10 hit 'Home,' from 2007, citing that work on it began before the group split.