Review of You Know My Name Single by Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell
You Know My Name
Single Review

Chris Cornell You Know My Name Single

Former Soundgarden and some-time Audioslave vocalist Chris Cornell is given the prestigious role of providing the theme tune to the latest outing for Ian Flemming's James Bond in the critically acclaimed "Casino Royale". It's the first time since "The Living Daylights" that a 007 song has had a male vocalist and bizarrely does not actually feature on the movie's OST.

From the dramatic opening bars, it's very easy to identify "You Know My Name" as a Bond track, but credit to all involved for choosing a heavier direction. Not quite as heavy as Cornell's other work, it does at least build to the sort of chorus that is ideal for soundtracking car chases and explosions. Much like Daniel Craig, there might be scepticism with the choice of artist, but both prove to be great decisions with impressive results.

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