Chris Brown doesn’t seem to be able to last very long without getting himself into trouble. Though, this time, reports seem to suggest that it may not have been entirely Brown’s fault. TMZ revealed that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean – along with their various entourages - got themselves into a fight at a recording studio. A bad case of R&B territorialism, by the sounds of it. It was bad enough that the police were called, though an update from TMZ suggests that only Frank was left on the scene when they arrived.

So what was this bust-up all about? Apparently Frank Ocean objected to Chris Brown being at Westlake Studio in LA, where he was recording. Chris was reportedly at the studio to listen to one of the artists that he represents and as he tried to leave, Ocean blocked his path, along with his crew. Sources told TMZ that Frank said “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.” Chris apparently tried to shake Frank’s hand (ever the gentleman, that Chris Brown), but one of Ocean’s people took the opportunity to attack Chris Brown. One of Chris Brown’s friends then jumped in and attacked Frank’s buddy. Frank then reportedly made a move to hit Chris Brown, Chris pushed him away and the pair started fighting.

When the police arrived on the scene, it appears that Chris Brown had already left. No one wants to press charges, so it looks as though this incident may be swept under the carpet. Except everyone will now be wanting to know why Frank seems to have beef with Chris. What’s up, Frank? 

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