Say what you want about Chris Brown … no, seriously, say what you want about Chris Brown. Nothing is too harsh for a man whose malevolent glint in his eyes is but scientific proof away from being the pin point of a black hole through which all human decency in the western world is currently falling through. The unrepentant women-beater of course left Twitter over the weekend, following a spat with comedy writer Jenny Johnson which saw him write at one point: “take them teeth out when u Sucking my d**k H-E."

Johnson did start it, but in all honesty you’re not going to find anyone at Contact feeling for Brown who has achieved the quite extraordinarily despicable feat of turning the events of three years ago –where he assaulted Rihanna for around 45 minutes on the eve of the Grammys - into a marketing strategy to get him more attention than ever. Anyway, with the artist who no one of any good taste should refer to as Breezy now off Twitter, it was left to – for the purposes of this story – the women of The View to give their thoughts on the spat.

"I think it's disgusting, first of all," Elisabeth Hasselbeck said, according to E! Online "But also, it seems like verbal rape to me. And I think at some point there's gotta be a point where Twitter should ban anyone who writes anything forever on there and you should identify yourself." Whoopi Goldberg disagreed with the term “verbal rape”, saying that they were both verbally assaulting each other and adding "I have to say, if you're gonna mess with him [Brown], you have to expect to get your head handed to you.” And how might he do that, Whoopi? By strangling you with a seat belt whilst pummelling your ribcage? The Mayan apocalypse takes place on December 21, 2012, hopefully.