After Rihanna and Chris Brown spent 2012 as one of the hottest gossip topics all over the news, the pair don’t seem to be giving it a rest and keep making public appearances, without any definitive statements about rekindling their relationship.

Although at this point, does anybody still have any doubts that the controversial couple is back on? The latest in a string of less than subtle hints came with their first public appearance together in years. Chris and RiRi attended the Knicks vs. Lakers game at Staples Center together and looked pretty cozy together throughout, TMZ reports. According to the source, the couple arrived at the arena in the same car and, after they got out separately, they met up inside and watched the game together. Apparently someone was paying really close attention to the pair’s every step during the event.

This will no doubt spark another bout of controversy in the couple’s already controversial history. But, regardless of whether or not Chris and RiRi enjoy having their every step scrutinized this way, the whole thing has brought them a whole lot of publicity, turning them into two of the most talked-about celebrities of 2012. And if the pair continue playing the media the way they have so far, it looks like 2013 will see their stars rise even higher, at least in the gossip columns.